Oktoberfest Munich 2019 – World’s Biggest!


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Dates and details of Oktoberfest Munich 2018 & 2019 with travel tips:

  • Oktoberfest 2018 dates are Saturday, September 22 through Sunday, October 7.
  • Oktoberfest 2019 dates are Saturday, September 21 through Sunday, October 6.
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  • How to get to Oktoberfest Munich:
  • Oktoberfest is located at Theresienwiese festival grounds in downtown Munich. You’ll see where the beer tents and festival grounds, or simply wiesn, are. Oktoberfest Munich is about 40 minutes from Munich Airport – MUC by car, taxi or public transit. S-Bahn rail ticket machines, which accept credit cards, and currency exchange counters are at the airport and Hauptbahnhof main train station.
  • Directions to Oktoberfest Munich from airport: the S1 or S8 line is convenient as parking is limited downtown and driving may run into traffic. You can take either line to the Hackerbrücke station very near the festival, or to Hauptbahnhof main train station east of the festival and walk about 15 mins. to the Oktoberfest grounds. Or for the closest stop, transfer at Hauptbahnhof to the U-Bahn U4 or U5 underground Munich subway line in the direction of Theresienwiese (1 stop) and exit there. See Oktoberfest map below.
  • What food is served at Oktoberfest Munich:
  • Oktoberfest food selection varies by tent but often available are Bavarian and German favorites like roast chicken, pork schnitzel or cutlet, variety of braised or pickled vegetables, bratwurst, spätzle egg noodles, desserts like black forest cake with cherries, and the famous large, baked pretzels. Oktoberfest has been introducing new food options; see FAQ below.

  • Oktoberfest beer mug carrying Munich

  • How much does Oktoberfest cost and is it free:
  • Entrance to explore Munich Oktoberfest is free; you pay for drinks and food in the beer tents or kiosks when you order. Tickets and reservations are not generally needed for Oktoberfest in Munich. You may be able to reserve a table if you’d like at some tents in advance of when you and your guests sit, but it can be better simply to arrive early in the day and choose a table at a tent. Some attractions, like carnival rides and special exhibitions, may require a fee. The price for a mug or ‘mass’ of beer (Maß), which is one liter or about two pints, is generally around 10.50 euro or about 11.70 USD or 8.70 GBP by comparison.
  • What’s new for Oktoberfest 2018: more security at Oktoberfest Munich and food options:
  • Security at Oktoberfest Munich’s entrances and grounds has always been visible, but security for Oktoberfest 2018 will continue to be tighter as at big events around the world. There will likely be more vegan and vegetarian food options and around a three percent increase in beer prices at Oktoberfest. Bags are examined as usual upon entering so don’t bring anything that could be deemed hazardous, and it is best to carry just essential belongings in a tote or shopping bag. Backpacks and other larger bags may be prohibited at Oktoberfest this year in Munich, and the security requirements could change at the last minute. There has usually been a baggage deposit area if you need to leave bags awhile, or you can opt to rent a locker at the main train station. Also it’s generally advised to consume beverages or food you brought before entering, as they may be taken by security given that food and beverages are available.
  • Oktoberfest beer pretzel Munich Germany

  • What’s the weather like at Oktoberfest in Munich:
  • As Bavaria is by the German Alps, autumn weather in Munich during Sept.-Oct. of Oktoberfest can be changeable so be prepared for cooler fall temps or rain gear if needed; average temperatures in Munich for Oktoberfest in September – October are 18°C daytime (65°F) and 7°C at night (45°F). Here’s the forecast. While the tents are warm, there’s much for travellers to see on the Oktoberfest Munich grounds! This photo was taken above Oktoberfest on the ferris wheel.

  • Oktoberfest Munich located at Theresienwiese festival grounds - the wiesn

    Oktoberfest Travel Tips!

  • – The best travel tip for Munich Oktoberfest: arrive early, before noon – especially on weekends – as beer tents can fill up in the afternoons.
  • – Pick a tent or two to experience in any single day, rather than trying to sit in many of them as you may not find a seat later on.
  • – Bring cash with you as some tents or attractions may accept cash only.
  • – Tipping, e.g. by rounding up to the nearest euro or about 5-10 percent at the festival is generally appreciated; give your tip directly to the wait staff.
  • – Stay hydrated; ask for water or seltzer if you need it in the tents.
  • – Keep your passport in your front pocket, tucked away in your purse or money belt – about 500-600 passports have been routinely lost and some found during the festival!
  • – Children are welcome on the grounds accompanied as there are things to do for family travel like historical exhibits, tasting German food and carnival rides, but all kids under the age of six must leave festival tents at 8pm local time.
  • – Smoking isn’t allowed in the festival tents, bars or restaurants.
  • – There’s much to explore around Oktoberfest Munich 2018, so if you have time, visit Marienplatz square and other nearby sights of the city, shopping, the beer gardens and restaurants in historic Munich too!

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    Oktoberfest Munich 2018 FAQ

  • What else is there to do at Oktoberfest?
  • It’s a good idea to plan for most of a day or two at Oktoberfest if you can. While you can still fit in much in several hours, having more time gives you a better chance for good weather in the day to explore the grounds at the fair or experience food and music at a few Oktoberfest beer tents, whether smaller or larger.
  • What’s the cost of a beer at Oktoberfest and how are prices?
  • Because there are so many beer tents, the prices for food and drink are generally reasonable given the portions served. It’s also free to enter the tents as well as festival grounds. At Munich Oktoberfest 2018, a liter mug or about two pints of German beer will run around 10.50 euro or about $11.70 USD or 8.70 GBP. Meals start from about 12 euro or about $13.40 or 10.20 GBP; snacks and desserts are also available for less.
  • Munich Oktoberfest tent music

  • Is it fine to go alone and without lederhosen?
  • Oktoberfest is today a world celebration so solo visitors and solo travelers are more than welcome, as are couples, friends and group travellers. And yes – you don’t need to be wearing lederhosen or traditional Bavarian leisurewear. If you like the festive style, you can always get outfitted at stores around Munich or buy an Oktoberfest shirt at the festival. You can wear lederhosen or a dindl dress all day long in Munich if you’d like, unless you have dinner plans with a dress code.
  • What languages do waiters, staff speak at Oktoberfest?
  • Most wait staff understand and speak German and English – plus menus are often printed with both languages. They’ll give you a wide smile if you try speaking some German, so you can bookmark the fun and handy phrase guide at our site. Some staff speak other languages too.
  • What kinds of beer and beverages are served at Oktoberfest?
  • There are Oktoberfest brews of German beer at the tents along with soft drinks, juices, coffee, seltzer and water. You can also find some cocktail bars as well as food and drink vendors around the Oktoberfest Munich grounds.
  • Is Oktoberfest family travel friendly, and are there activities?
  • Each year families across Europe and the world make their way to Oktoberfest for the great food and world’s largest festival event. Munich’s Oktoberfest features family-friendly and kid-friendly carnival rides, cotton candy and food vendors, artisans and musicians, face painting and in milestone years have even had horse races and other festivities.
  • Are cameras, cell phones and pictures allowed at Oktoberfest and tents?
  • Definitely experience a giant Munich Oktoberfest tent – there’s nothing else like it; in that sense, Oktoberfest at Munich will always be original as well as the first and biggest Oktoberfest. Cameras and pictures are allowed with mobile or cell phones as well as digital cameras but please be courteous of others enjoying the festival. Then, head over to the ferris wheel if you’d like for an amazing view from above Oktoberfest!
  • Which is the best beer tent at Oktoberfest Munich?
  • Frankly each beer tent is different in design and brand served, so try one that intrigues you or that you’re a fan of and stay for awhile to talk with tablemates about their experience and what they’ve tried. Each year, the Oktoberfest music bands and performances vary too, so see what’s posted at the tent or ask the staff what and when the next show will be.
  • Which is the first or oldest established brewery in Munich?
  • The oldest independent brewery in Munich is Augustiner, served at Oktoberfest and established in 1328! More about Oktoberfest history here.
  • When and where are the Oktoberfest opening ceremonies?
  • If you’re a fan of opening ceremonies and want to be there on Sept. 17th for the tapping of the first Oktoberfest keg at noon by the Mayor of Munich and other dignitaries, you’ll want to be at Spaten’s Schottenhamel tent that morning! Some visitors arrive as early as 9am for it, so be sure to have breakfast early and take a seat in the tent.
  • Did you know?
    Traditionally, the beer served at Oktoberfest tents in Munich are the breweries with a long tradition within the city limits: Paulaner, Spaten, Löwenbräu, Augustiner, Hofbräu and Hacker-Pschorr.

  • Is there wifi internet at Oktoberfest Munich?
  • Take pictures, but there isn’t generally good wifi in tents or the grounds. There are, however, European cafes like Café am Beethovenplatz, Starbucks coffee and McDonald’s restaurants in Munich that have free wifi in the area including at the main train station, Hauptbahnhof. An internet cafe, international mobile plan or a local prepaid phone are other options for web service, besides where you’re staying.
  • Is there a gay or LGBT tent party at Oktoberfest?
  • Rosa Wiesn or Pink Oktoberfest is a gathering at Oktoberfest tents for gay or LGBT residents of the area and visitors. The party is in the gathering and common experiences, generally the first Sunday of Oktoberfest at the Bräurosl tent and the last Sunday at Schottenhammel tent. There may be pink streamers or decorations by the tables; some visitors don some leather, others lederhosen or dirndl for festival attire. Dressing up is optional though; casual attire is fine.
  • Is Pokemon Go available in Germany (yes, we’ve been asked this).
  • Yes, Pokemon Go is and we’ll see whether a PokeStop might be the Oktoberfest grounds, Theresienwiese, or other fun places in Munich then.
  • What other services are on the grounds?
  • There are first aid stations all around the festival grounds, ATM cash machines, souvenir shops as well as a Service Center located behind the Schottenhamel tent near the center of the festival for missing children and lost items on the grounds. While there’s a baggage check or deposit area on the grounds, you can also given the potential wait and limited staffed hours, leave bags at your accommodations or in a baggage locker (usually available in small and large sizes) at the nearby Hauptbahnhof main station or Ostbahnhof Munich East station.
  • Where is there a lost and found at Oktoberfest?
  • The lost and found office at Munich Oktoberfest is at the Service Center of the central festival grounds, behind the Schottenhamel beer tent. Items may take time to show up at the lost and found office, which will contact an item’s owner whenever possible. Among the more surprising items lost at Oktoberfest include jewelry, wedding rings, glasses and passports!
  • What is the phone number for Oktoberfest and emergency number?
  • The Munich tourism office can answer questions or connect you regarding the festival and beer tents, or ask a concierge or host at your accommodations – the phone number for the visitors’ office is +49 (0)89 233 96 500, M-F 9am – 5pm local time. The emergency numbers in Munich have been 110 for police and 112 for fire and medical. There are also first aid stations on the festival grounds.
  • Are credit or debit cards accepted at Oktoberfest or cash only?
  • Some beer tents accept credit or debit cards for payment at Oktoberfest but it’s useful to have some cash, as some payments are cash only. There are ATM’s on the grounds, or you may wish to get cash at a bank if yours has reciprocity with a local bank not to charge ATM access fees. For example, Deutsche Bank with branches in Munich has been part of the Global ATM Alliance.
  • Is Oktoberfest visible from space?
  • Yes – Oktoberfest can be seen from space by some satellites in Earth orbit, for example, here’s a photo from last year.
  • Oktoberfest viewed from space and Munich

  • Which days are best to visit Oktoberfest?
  • If you like a bigger Munich celebration, then weekends – the last weekend is also a German holiday weeekend for the Day of German Unity, celebrating the anniversary of German reunification. If you prefer fewer crowds at the tents, then the weekdays or early in the day on the weekends. Oktoberfest goes on rain or shine.
  • How many people work at Oktoberfest?
  • A festival this big takes a lot of help – it’s taken about 12,000 – 13,000 people to staff Oktoberfest in Munich, some of whom take holiday or vacation time from their regular jobs to pitch in at the celebration.
  • What is the legal drinking age at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany?
  • In Germany, at age sixteen one can consume or drink beer or wine without the presence of a parent or custodian; at an earlier age, fourteen, one must be in the company of a parent or custodian. At age eighteen one can drink spirits; these are the general drinking age rules in Germany.
  • What is the Oide Wiesn?
  • You’ll see on the Oktoberfest grounds map below that there’s an historic or Oide Wiesn exhibition for those yearning to experience Oktoberfest of past years. There’s food, German beer and beverages, celebration as well as traditional Bavarian dance, comedy sketches and other entertainment for a small entrance fee of around 3 euro.
  • Are there vegetarian or vegan Oktoberfest food options?
  • More Oktoberfest tents and vendors are serving vegetarian or vegan options such as a variety of appetizers like pretzels, dips and salads including potato, macaroni or mixed veggie salads; as a tip, let the server know you’d like the vegetarian or vegan option so it’s made with no bacon, etc. Oktoberfest 2018 will likely continue to have a yogurt stand with a soy milk option and pasta dishes.
  • What’s the best way to get around in Munich?
  • During Oktoberfest take transit or walk if you can as Munich’s attractions are within subway or walking distance. As for getting a taxi cab at Oktoberfest, you can choose your taxi, not just the first, from taxi lines around the festival grounds. And yes, Uber operates in Munich. Transit, particularly the underground and S-bahn rail, extends all the way to the airport and covers a wide area. You’ll likely have a transit station near a hotel or apartment you’re staying at, or a hotel or inn shuttle that can take you to a station. See the festival map below.
  • Munich Oktoberfest 2018 Map:

    Map of the Theresienwiese or wiesn location in Munich –
    Oktoberfest 2018 Munich map and location

    Oktoberfest Tent Map:

    Map of the beer tents and festival grounds –
    Oktoberfest tent map - Munich beer fest grounds

    Oktoberfest Memory: A World Record

    World record set carrying Oktoberfest beer mugs!

    See for yourself the contestants and the ultimate champion, Oliver Struempfel, a German waiter, who broke the world record by carrying 27 full beer mugs in Abensberg, about an hour from Munich, Germany!

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