Maintaining your tractor – follow these tips

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It has been quite a while when you checked price and availability of Massey Ferguson 375 for sale in Pakistan. Now, you have the tractor in possession and it is doing the job quite well. however, it has been a while when you had purchased and put it to service. After many months of non-stop work, your tractor badly needs maintenance. No matter how busy the season may be, you will have to send it over for maintenance. Sooner or later, your tractor will leave the field and head to the maintenance shop. It would be better to make some alternate arrangement before that happens. Doing that will save your time and no hindrance will come in your schedule. It is important to note that you have to find a reputable maintenance service before sending your tractor to it. When you have done so, start preparing the tractor to send it over to the maintenance shop.

The maintenance begins

Upon entering the shop, the tractor will be examined thoroughly. Different parts of the tractor will go through the scrutiny before being declared fit, or unfit. Like all heavy duty machines, the tractor also requires maintenance regularly. The maintenance staff checks all systems according to the manual of your tractor. This is important as maintenance may vary in different models.

Getting started

Before initiating maintenance, the staff may check every component and fluids. They’ll keep maintenance tools with them. Keep in mind that some of these tools may not be available in the market. Every system is properly checked from suspension to transmission. The engine is also examined, so is the dynamo, radiator, and fan. If the tractor has electronic components or EFI engine, the maintenance staff may hand those over to the electricians.

Examining fluids

In the next phase, the staff will check all the fluids. The mileage may be more important to the end users, but the technical staff looks at the life of every component in hours. After a specified number of hours, components that have suffered significant wear and tear are removed. Same will happen with fluids, and they’ll also be replaced.

Condition of tires

Despite being a heavy vehicle, the tractor is as prone to hazards related to overloading as any machinery out there. Eventually, lifting all extra load is inflicted on tires. The pressure of air in tires must be checked from time to time.

Your tractor will stay in top condition if it is maintained twice every year. Look at here to know more about tractor maintenance.