5 Things You Need To Tell Your Voice Over Talent

2 min read

The skills and expertise of your English voice overs will give life to your video and audio material. Their voices can help captivate the audience and help make the audience understand your video material much better.

But it be able to achieve such feat, you need to work with your voice over talents closely. You need to provide them with the information they need to ensure that they fully understand the material. If you have an upcoming project which involves voice over talents, be sure to provide them the following details:

  1. The brief of the project


One of the most important thing that you need to provide your voice over talent is to give them a project brief. It might be true that they will be reading the script when they accepted the project, but you need to give them a sense of what the project is all about. This would give them a general idea about the material and how they are going to go about the project. Provide a synopsis of the project, the short profile of the target audience, and the context of the material.


  1. A fully-furnished script


When you are in the process of talking to voice over talent, you need to ensure that you have a fully furnished script with you. You need to ensure that the script that you will handing the voice over talent is already done and final. If there are changes that will be made, it should minimal and not the significant. Big changes would make the recording more difficult and the voice over talent might get a little thrown off with the changes.


  1. Your voice requirements


When you are meeting with a voice over talent, be sure that you are clear with your voice requirements, with the phasing and how you want to voice material to come out. But be sure to listen to the suggestions and recommendations of the voice over talent as to how they would like to do the voice over based on their interpretation of the material.


  1. Details of the recording studio


Once both parties agree with the creative input about the material, the next step would be to provide the voice talents the details of the upcoming recording. Be sure to give them the location of the recording studio in Dubai and provide them with the contract to finalize everything.