Oktoberfest Facts, Trivia and Stats for 2018


Oktoberfest trivia for 2018!

Oktoberfest numbers and trivia 2017 and 2018Oktoberfest is a massive undertaking, with tents usually going up in July, a few months in advance of the festival! There’s a lot of beer and food preparation in Munich and Bavaria, as well as logistics and organization to get everyone and everything in place to host millions of visitors each year.

Here are interesting and suprising numbers, figures & trivia on Oktoberfest:

  • In recent years as many as half a million roast chickens, 115,000 pork sausages and now thousands of plates of vegetarian or vegan dishes like pasta and salads are served yearly at the festival in Munich.
  • How big is Oktoberfest: about six million people attend or visit Oktoberfest annually; some of the larger Oktoberfest beer tents can accommodate or seat 7,000 to nearly 10,000 people!
  • how big is Oktoberfest beer tent in Munich

  • For perspective, a 747 jumbo jet typically carries 450 people; a large Oktoberfest tent can hold as many people as fifteen to twenty-one 747’s.
  • The area of the Oktoberfest grounds, Theresienwiese or simply wiesn, is about 420,000 square meters or 4.5 million square feet!
  • It has taken 12,000 to 13,000 people to staff and run the festival yearly.
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    Oktoberfest amount beer consumed swimming pools 2016

  • The festival has annually served about 7 million liters of beer; that is enough to fill nearly three Olympic-size swimming pools.

  • About 500-600 passports are routinely lost, with some brought to lost and found, at the festival.
  • Among the most surprising items lost and found at Oktoberfest in recent years: tickets to area soccer matches and concerts, Segway electric touring vehicle – and wedding rings.
  • There are also sporting events at Oktoberfest – the German Crossbow championship, for example, is traditionally held at the Armbrustschützen Paulaner tent.
  • The breweries whose beers are served, as is for Oktoberfest 2018, are only those with a long tradition in Munich’s city limits.
  • The six breweries are Paulaner, Spaten, Löwenbräu, Augustiner, Hofbräu and Hacker-Pschorr.
  • Airbrau Munich airport brewery beer garden

  • Munich’s airport also has a brewery-restaurant, Airbräu, with airport beer garden/biergarten, even brewery tour.

  • The oldest Munich brewery is Augustiner, founded in 1328.
  • Bavaria is also home to the world’s oldest operating brewery, from 1040 – Weihenstephaner.
  • Oktoberfest 2018 is the festival’s 208th anniversary, as the first was in 1810.
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