Munich Oktoberfest 2014


Photo: Munich Oktoberfest at TheresienwieseView from the giant ferris wheel above Oktoberfest, with tents on the Theresienwiese grounds.

Dates & details of Munich Oktoberfest 2014 – Largest in the World:

Sat., Sept. 20 through Sun., Oct. 5

Oktoberfest Countdown!

Theresienwiese festival grounds, (München) Munich

How to get there:

Theresienwiese is in the downtown area of Munich, about 40 minutes from Munich Airport (Flughafen München – MUC) by car or Munich public transit via rail. S-Bahn rail ticket machines, which accept credit cards, as well as currency exchange counters are available at MUC airport.

The S1 or S8 line from the airport is a convenient way as parking is very limited downtown and driving downtown is not advised. You can take either line to the main train station downtown (Hauptbahnhof), get off there and walk about 15 minutes to the Munich Oktoberfest grounds. Or, for a closer stop, you can transfer from the S-Bahn at Hauptbahnhof to either the U-Bahn U4 or U5 underground subway line in the direction of Theresienwiese (1 stop) and get off there. A map is provided below.

Photo: Oktoberfest main gate


Entrance to explore Munich Oktoberfest is free, and you pay for drinks and food in the tents or kiosks when you order. Attractions and special exhibits may require a fee. The price for a mug of beer (Maß), which is a liter or about two pints, is around 9,70 euro or about 12.75 USD or 8.15 GBP by comparison.

Bags & security:

Bags are checked on the grounds so do not bring anything that could be deemed hazardous and it’s best to carry just essential belongings in a tote or shopping bag. Also it’s generally advised to consume beverages or food you brought before entering, as they may be taken by security given that food and beverages are available for sale.


As Munich is relatively near the Alps, weather conditions can be changeable so be prepared for cooler weather or rain gear if needed. Temperatures in Sept. – Oct. are generally around 18°C daytime (65°F) and 7°C at night (45ºF). While the tents are warm, there’s much to see outside on the grounds.

Munich, Germany — Traveler Tips:

- Arrive early, before Noon – especially on the weekends – as tents can fill up.

- Pick a tent or two to experience in any single day, rather than trying to sit in many of them; you may not find a seat as the day goes on.

- Bring cash with you as some tents or attractions may accept cash only.

- Tipping, e.g. by rounding up to the nearest euro or about 5 – 10 percent is generally appreciated; give your tip directly to the wait staff there.

- Stay hydrated; ask for water if you need it in the tents.

- There’s much to explore around Munich Oktoberfest, so if you have time, visit Marienplatz square in the city centre and other nearby sights and sounds in historic Munich too!

Munich Oktoberfest / Wiesn Area Map:

area map

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