7 Things to Do Around or After Oktoberfest


1. Marienplatz / the historic city centre

Munich is a very walkable city and there are many things to do around or after experiencing Oktoberfest. The streetscapes reveal wonderful vistas of the city, museums, statues, beer gardens, German bakeries, architecture and parks. Here’s a view of Neues Rathaus, the new town hall.

Photo of Marienplatz - an area with many things to do in Munich

2. Shopping along the boulevards

Several areas of the city including the boulevard between Marienplatz and Karlsplatz (Neuhauser Strasse) offer great shopping as one of the things to do in Munich. Hand-crafted goods include Bavarian gifts, from beer mugs and steins to tracht, which is traditional festive attire.

Photo of shopping district

3. German beer garden or beer hall in Munich

Stop by a traditional Munich beer garden or Munich beer hall for a relaxing, outdoor experience, conversation or a taste of German foods. Here are photos from a visit to the Augustiner-Keller beer garden on Arnulfstrasse 52, the street along the north side of the main train station (Hauptbahnhof).

Munich beer garden

Munich beer hall

4. Smell the aroma of a German bakery or deli

Taste the freshly baked goods at the delicatessens or bakeries around Munich including Dallmayr at Dienerstrasse 14.

Photo of German bakery

5. See the Deutsches Museum

One of the world’s largest science museums, the Deutsches’ (at Museumsinsel 1) exhibits and displays are phenomenal.

Photo of the museum

6. Train to the Alps

From the Hauptbahnhof, you can buy tickets on the Deutsche Bahn to the foot of the Alps, visiting the town of Garmisch, where you can take a train to see the highest point in Germany — Zugspitze. Garmisch is about an hour and a half each way from Munich, and it’s a good idea time-wise to stay overnight in the town at one of the inns or hotels if you plan to go to the top of Zugspitze for an unforgettable view from the mountain.

How to get to Zugspitze: from Garmisch, take the Zugspitzbahn and finally a cable car to the summit.

Photo of Zugspitze Alps from Garmisch

7. Have a beer or meal on the summit

Staying overnight in Garmisch before heading to the summit of Zugspitze (2,962 m. or 9,718 feet) means you can acclimate a bit to the higher terrain. At the top there’s an observation platform as well as a cafe and restaurant.

Photo of meal atop Zugspitze

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