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The world’s largest festival of about 6 million visitors.

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The World’s Greatest Beer Festival – Munich

It’s not too early to plan for Oktoberfest 2018 – wherever you are.

Oktoberfest 2016 dates info events guideTaste & experience authentic Oktoberfest beers and a festive celebration of Bavarian culture. The world’s largest Oktoberfest and world’s biggest beer festival, the 18-day event for Oktoberfest 2018 is an international experience.

With more than 100 acres of big tents, foot-tapping music of bands, dancing, breathtaking ferris wheel and carnival rides day and night, there’s plenty to keep you happy. And when you’re hungry, there’s an amazing selection of German food, plus famous giant pretzels to go with delicious German beers on tap.

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Top Oktoberfest Events Around the World This Year

Oktoberfest beer festivals aren’t just in Bavaria, Germany but worldwide.

Oktoberfest worldwide events

Munich Oktoberfest
Bavaria, Germany – the first Oktoberfest and still original with a day and night fair, spectacular Munich beer fest tents, incredible Bavarian German food and carnival as in this photo.
Breckenridge Oktoberfest
Colorado, USA – one of the most vibrant world-class festivals, with a selection of traditional beers, German food and music on Main Street with much to explore and unique Alpine feel.

Another wonderful festival to travel to is nearby: Vail Oktoberfest in the majestic Rocky Mountains, also with live music and not far from Denver.

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest
Ontario, Canada – the largest in Canada also offers the most diverse program of events, with a fantastic sit-down German dinner, contests and memorable closing ceremonies.
Oktoberfest La Crosse
Wisconsin, USA – one of the most festive and well-planned events that offers, among other features, a complimentary shuttle service around the city. That’s how big this festival is.
Oktoberfest Brisbane
Queensland, Australia – with an emphasis on a quality experience for visitors, Brisbane provides a wonderful atmosphere and some of the finest traditional dishes outside Germany.
Fremont Oktoberfest
Seattle, Washington, USA – features the biggest biergarten or beer garden in the Pacific Northwest region of the States as well as Seattle’s local flavor, German beer, food and flair.
Toronto Oktoberfest
Ontario, Canada – located in downtown Toronto and lakeside, a festive Oktoberfest for German beer and city-lovers that also has delicious German food selections.

Oktoberfest Fredericksburg
Texas, USA – worth a trip from Austin or anywhere – Fredericksburg’s festival is a crowd-pleaser with plenty of food, broad beer selection and entertainment throughout the weekend.
Marco Polo German Bierfest
Hong Kong, China – the best Oktoberfest celebration in Asia, with thousands of visitors enjoying live music, dancing, traditional Bavarian dishes and German beers.
Pennsylvania Bavarian Oktoberfest
Canonsburg – the greater Pittsburgh area puts on a fantastic festival with German music, songs and polka to celebrate German culture, and offers a marvelous carnival.
Oktoberfest by the Bay
San Francisco, California, USA – with its unique location and social atmosphere, the festival also celebrates the contributions German immigrants have made in the Bay Area and America.

Oktoberfest beer festivals

Find out about Oktoberfest 2018 events in the world, learn more about the history of the festivities, most fun and useful German phrases, things to do or this year’s Oktoberfest beer guide.

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Why Oktoberfest 2018 events could be bigger than ever!
Oktoberfest 2017 info

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With the great exchange rates for travel abroad and continued economic strength in North America, Europe and around the world, we could be seeing bigger Oktoberfest events this year. Planners are aware that Oktoberfest 2018 could be more popular than ever and are making arrangements; in talking with event organizers, we know that more events are ramping up volunteers or staff and increasing their available food and beverages.

Take a look at examples of what’s coming up at Oktoberfest 2018 events around the world: an incredible selection of German Oktoberfest beer at Fremont Oktoberfest USA, authentic food choices at Oktoberfest Brisbane and this!

Keep calm Oktoberfest 2017 events

You can share this year’s motto from our social media; thanks to our friends at Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest for the fun Oktoberfest inspiration! With Oktoberfest events around the world, there’s a gathering to uplift and excite this year. You’ll find one at our site. You can also learn about Oktoberfest’s fascinating history and even learn and speak some German phrases at an Oktoberfest celebration!

As Oktoberfest events ready for 2018 festivities, now is the time to find out about great celebrations, make plans whether travelling abroad or visiting an Oktoberfest near home. View our updated Oktoberfest events info on the site and be in the know on social media.

  • What is Oktoberfest and what it’s all about –
  • Oktoberfest is a folk festival and today the world’s largest festival event including world’s largest beer festival, held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany; there are also events celebrating Oktoberfest around the world.
  • Originally a public celebration of a royal marriage between Bavarian King Ludwig I and princess, later Queen Therese, in 1810, Oktoberfest has become an annual tradition with festivities in many countries.
  • Oktoberfest 2017 events - beer festival info

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    Be part of the celebration this year as we say Prost! or cheers to you, good beer, friends and festivities worldwide.
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